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            Nanjing State Chemical Co., Ltd.

            Tel:  +86-025-86807185

            Fax: +86-025-86806906

            For more information, please contact: sales@state-chemical.com

            Zip: 210017

            Address: Office 1324, 133 Fuyuan Street, Jianye District, Nanjing 210017,China

            Home / Service / service

            Import and export consulting 

            Relying on years of practical experience in chemical products import and export, we provide international business process consultation, and are the best partner to help you expand the international market.

            Customized products

            Cooperate with customers to develop new products / projects

            Logistics warehousing

            We provide a series of warehousing and logistics services to help customers save time and energy in dealing with import and export related matters.


            Other personalized services

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